TripleZone Display Cases M4R Saber - One Display case delivers the sales of Three!

M4R Saber has mastered the art of food service presentation with our TripleZone™ display case. The TripleZone™ combines self-serve refrigeration with unique technology of the upper area under glass giving you unlimited opportunities to change the display so you can feature dry or refrigerated products according to customer demand.

An unparalleled balance of form and function designed to set goals by the hour for otherwise unprecedented sales per square foot.

Imagine if you were selling the right mix of desserts and breakfast pastries coupled with home meal replacement solutions, pre-made salads, wraps, subs, fruit cups, yogurt, fruits and more + a complete selection of beverages such as high margin smoothies, milk, juices and energy drinks.

Now imagine catering to your customer impulses throughout the day by changing your product display from morning pastries to desserts, lunch and dinner items.

The Triple Zone allows you to instantly change your operator served product to all Refrigerated, all Ambient, or both any time. Plus we provide mirrored sides and every shelf is lighted for optimal product visibility. Respond all day and night to the right mix of product where ever-changing bountiful displays drive impulse sales.

We didn’t stop there, your ability to maintain such an important sales machine is paramount so we built in ease-of-use at every component. Our rear doors are one way mirrored and lift out for cleaning; the side glass is frame-less for a totally unobstructed presentation as well as removable for cleaning; our front curved glass tilts forward for cleaning; the Grab n go section has a stainless steel floor & back to assure a lifetime of use and clean appearance.

In short, we rest our case. Can you afford to be without the Triple Zone? Your customers’ impulse sales are waiting. Choose your color and place your order today!

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Deliver unparalleled merchandising • Match your interior design • Enhance your store image • Boost impulse buying & rapid transactions

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